We seek out the top talent in engineering, nursing, management, and other service industries overseas and bring their expertise to Singapore.

2000 Recruitment Pte Ltd

Our recruiting branch has been honing its strategies since 1997 to ensure that we assign our candidates to the job where they fit best. Our forte is developing a strong rapport with each customer so that we can meet their defined needs and anticipate additional requirements. 2000 Recruitment has the experience and the resources to weather the fluctuations of demand seamlessly.

We maintain numerous certifications and licenses that set us apart from the competition. Our Group continues to meet ISO-9001:2008 requirements for all audits and renewals. We are continually expanding our international recruitment reach and are prepared to bring in qualified labour wherever we may find it.

Scope of recruitment services

We focus our attention on specific sectors of the workforce to bring a level of specialization a general recruiter can’t match.  We help companies find candidates  across the board, for local as well as those who qualified for Work Permits, S Passes, and Employment Passes, especially in healthcare, management, executive positions, and the service industry.  Each candidate brings professional-grade credentials to meet productivity requirements.

Our dedication has already made us among the foremost providers for skilled nurses to staff government hospitals in Singapore.  We are using this recognition as a foothold as we expand our recruitment operations to include doctors and specialists, making 2000 Recruitment a name synonymous with well-qualified foreign healthcare.

Differentiation and quality control

Our philosophy is neatly encapsulated in our motto: “We Don’t Do Different Things… We Do Things DIFFERENTLY!”  We go beyond standard recruiting practices by delving more deeply into the operational needs of our clients, pursuing a level of involvement that sets us apart.  We inspire confidence with all of our work and the appreciation is evident in our outstanding customer retention and satisfaction.

Our meticulous recruitment process allows us to find the candidate tailor-made for the job at hand who brings a skillset and ambition representative of our exacting standards.  Our agents have a knack for selecting candidates who understand the expectations and who are ready to excel on assignment.

In addition to the careful screening of prospective hires, each is thoroughly briefed both on the particular requirements of the contract and on the process of assimilating Singaporean values, especially regarding cultural differences.  This reduces the time lost to culture shock and streamlines the initial period of social adjustment so as to maximize candidate naturalization and efficiency early on.  Counselling is provided throughout their stay to ensure that our talent never feels alone; the boosted morale makes the work they do of distinctively higher quality.

Our outstanding work ethic and dedication distinguish 2000 Recruitment as the preferred source of foreign labour solutions in Singapore.