man walking across canada for kids’ mental health reaches new glasgow

man walking across canada for kids’ mental health reaches new glasgow

man walking across canada for kids’ mental health reaches new glasgow

Michigan takes human trafficking seriously. Operation Cross Country was held in October 2015 and targeted the commercial sex trafficking of children. According to the latest data from the Centers from Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are now nearly 5,500 confirmed infections in Puerto Rico, with likely many times that number of unconfirmed cases. Zika could impact as many as 10,000 pregnancies by the end of the year.

Bryant says he won’t ask lawmakers to consider state lottery in special sessionUpdated: Wednesday, May 24 2017 12:24 PM EDT2017 05 24 16:24:55 GMTMississippi Gov. Phil Bryant says he won’t ask lawmakers to consider a lottery during a special session next month..

“Twenty years from now, I think we’ll look at travels systems as akin to feeding our babies Cheetos and Coke!” she says. What’s more, travel systems make it very tempting to keep your child in her infant seat for prolonged periods of time a move that is not recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Offered a DealArcadiaSeeing Ghosts. Big Night Out. Cannot have a situation where Uber drivers are able to undercut local taxi drivers simply because they have less regulation and safeguards imposed upon them. Last month, a one year old boy sitting in his pram was killed when an Uber driver in a silver Toyota Prius mounted the kerb outside the Baglioni Hotel near Hyde Park..

Took everything away from her to stop her from her substance use, but it perpetuated the whole situation. Kicking her to the curb did nothing but ensure she was going to die. In September 2013, Mayor [Pat] Morris announced that absent fundamental modernization and change the city faced a 10 year deficit of a staggering $360 million. The future of San Bernardino looked bleak.

Cut a piece of plywood to size. Secure in place by screwing from the bottom through the inside braces running front to back. What police do is show up at [recreation] centers and play foosball with kids. What police do is walk through your neighborhood, introduce themselves and ask you, ‘What’s going wholesale jerseys on?’ I think the challenge that every police officer of any rank has always faced is the challenge of not just ‘doing the job,’ but of making a real difference in people’s lives.

After about 10 minutes

After about 10 minutes of driving, the misfiring went away. That pattern continued for about three days. Neither these AP materials nor any portion thereof may be stored in a computer except for personal and noncommercial use. The AP will not be held liable for any delays, inaccuracies, errors or omissions therefrom or in the transmission or delivery of all or any part thereof or for any damages arising from any of the foregoing..

Finch and Marsh may be replacements but if they are the opening pair I’m not sure they are any worse than Latham and Guppie. I think they need to go with Finch and Head though, Travis will benefit from a bit of continuity. In 1988. That company also bought the Brush and Sterling newspapers.In 1889, Elmer G.

Start off right with a provider who is up front about costs, can deliver on promised low service costs, and who, after all that, can come through with qualified leads. The benefits to your business in terms of increasing sales will start to show up almost immediately.

Madeline Duckles (then the wife of a music professor and mother of five sons) and some of her friends put together an informal coalition of concerned “mothers and others” to work against nuclear testing. They identified the problem as being not only nuclear testing, but militarism in general.

The only thing to keep in mind is that these cheap laptops for sale under $200 don’t have CD Rom drives so you will be unable to do anything with CDs. Some people were not aware of this as a few customer reviews I found revealed.. A NEW POLL UNDERSCORES JUST HOW BIG OF A CHALLENGE IT IS. THE REMINGTON RESEARCH GROUP POLL SHOWS RYAN WITH A 64 POINT LEAD.

They are not technically homeless. Yet they have no home beyond a week to week existence. Drugs may be administered through drinks, food, chewing gum or other means, and drugged victims are usually robbed. <a href=””>cheap jerseys china</a> There is a greater risk of sexual assault during the summer holiday period in coastal resort areas.

I found their prices were not that great and it annoyed me that the shelves were empty more often than not. Personally, I was also uncomfortable with the grocery section in Target. Although the dinosaurs are the main event for many, there’s a lot more, including the Hall of Life, the Discovery Zone, a top rated planetarium, and the interactive Space Odyssey. Guides can help you get the most out of your visit.

2 game against Detroit

2 game against Detroit. Do a five buck night. I stopped tonight at about 10. I know how it sounds but I’ve seen crazy stuff happen when the battery is dying.i just made that up actually I haven’t seen anything but I remember reading a long time ago here someone changing the bios battery and fixing weird ass problems..

Mori Higashida had it all. For more than two decades, he’d worked his way up an Australian jewellery exporting business to become managing director. IT IS TIME TO HAV A HONEST CONVERSATION ABOUT WHERE THE COUNTY IS AT AND WHERE IT WILL GO. WE CONTINUE TO DO THE BEST WE CAN.

While some urban shoppers are lured to suburban Walmarts for cheap prices, Kmart’s advantage is that it has more stores closer to where this population lives in cities, analysts said. In other words, the one time king of discounters might evolve into a niche player, if it hasn’t already.

Dim the lights please!Putting a dimmer on the main light in a room is a good way to control the brightness. Depending on your handy quotient, you can <a href=””>cheap jerseys china</a> install a dimmer on a wall switch yourself, or you can pay an electrician to do the work for you. In terms of the fun stuff, Prague is located in the middle of Europe and attracts students from all over the world for its unique mix of Western and Eastern European culture. Whether you like a cheap beer with friends, learning about revolutionary histories and magnificent buildings, or travelling to new places every weekend, Prague really has something for everyone.

The Ravens currently sit in second place in the five team league with a 5 5 2 record. The other Lower Mainland franchise is the defending champion Fraser Valley Phantom. The incident occurred Jan. 27 in a game against the Nashville Predators andbegan after forward Miikka Salomaki hit Widemaninto the boards in the Flames’ end during the second period.

These modifications have not at all harmed the everyday usability of the car, but have really added to the driving experience. The ride is still very good, but the traction out of junctions, body roll, and steering feel are much improved. Running down the spec sheet we also spy upgraded iSight and FaceTime cameras (hooray!), but a slightly less capacious battery (boo!), the latter of which has become a hot topic ever since it was discovered that there are two A9 chips in the wild. One is produced by Samsung and the other by TSMC, and there’s evidence to suggest that battery life can be quite a bit different between the two.

Next was water. Hubby was all excited

Next was water. Hubby was all excited about this camping experience while building a house, and talked about those camping showers, where you put up a screen and hang a bag from a tree and pray the sun has warmed it up! Not going to happen, he saw the looks on all our faces and sighed.

Cheap. And something your kids could help with also!. It is located in the Placer County, and has the honor of being named the Endurance Capital of the World, since the State Recreation Area is a state park where the best endurance events are held. The per capita income here is $36,000.

LG mobiles rate one of the best among the users. They are available for CDMA and GSM handsets with equal ease.. For example, the technology could be used in places such as the Dakotas, where drillers working in the vast <a href=””>wholesale jerseys</a> Bakken shale play currently burn off the gas they find right at the wellhead, in a process called flaring. That’s because drillers there are focused on recovering more valuable crude oil and, at its recent low gas prices, the natural gas they find is more a nuisance than an asset..

Now, for the car owners it brings them great pleasure to show of these works of art, they may have taken years to restore. Many of these cars were found in the scrape yard, beat and rusted away and for most people that took a glance at one they would never even attempt the task of restoring it, thinking it would be like mission impossible.

The single cylinder, air cooled, 99.7 cc engine makes just 7.7 bhp of power and 7.8 Nm of torque. The Sport is one of TVS Motor Company’s highest selling motorcycle models. Stay overnight for free with welcoming hosts through this club, which has been devoted to international understanding since 1948. Most visits last a maximum of three days and two nights.

Fair Oaks, Pasadena.Adapted by Artistic Director Lance Davis, this 75 minute performance is presented as a part of the theater What You Will Readers Theater Series.Tickets can be purchased online, over the phone or at the door. Reservations are necessary.

But for most of the visitors at Altoona

But for most of the visitors at Altoona Con the first dedicated comics convention here in two decades, by the promoter estimate it wasn about high stakes antique collecting. It was a chance to check out a medium that, despite changing technology and public tastes, stubbornly survives to influence popular culture.time I think it going to die, it springs back to life, promoter Ken Feduniewicz of Huntingdon said.

His timing in the hole is he can slide through the smallest of holes. He can run over anyone and you never catch him. There is hardly a full service restaurant that doesn t serve one, and we are overwhelmed with fast food options. However, we are not limited <a href=””>cheap jerseys china</a> to just using beef, of course; burgers can be morphed from ground turkey, lamb, pork, chicken, black beans, and venison to name but a few options.

“He wasn’t going to give you a fish,” Dennis Hunter said. “He was going to teach you to fish.” In the 1960s, Hunter began building a fleet of boats. I know that these guys have potential. What we do with results is buy ourselves time to work with them and improve them.

That day. It charges $24 $29 on a normal Saturday. Peering for only a moment longer, Mayte mmms and relaxes back. “Cheap dye, huh.” A little curl of her lip: “Makes me wonder about some of the belts I bought recently in the bazaar Lips pursing, Mayte has to ask, “Do we know where these carts are coming from?” Annik is a name that rings only a faint bell in Mayte’s eyes, but she’ll answer gamely, “Annik, huh? I’d be pleased to meet her again.” Because surely.

The obvious reason to elope is the money. Over the summer, Brides magazine reported that, even in these tough economic times, the average couple spends nearly $27,000 on their nuptials. “Housing is the biggest piece of living costs everywhere,” says Howard Wial, a fellow for the Metropolitan Policy Program at the Brookings Institution. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Frankly, you should say home and build/contribute to your own country and now ours. We conveniently forget that illegal immigrants are hurting their own countries when they leave.. It not going to work. Yes, there a market for that, but if you not growing, you falling behind.

There’s way more to Bellevue

There’s way more to Bellevue than the mall, so if you’re making the three hour trek south, treat your kids to some of the city’s lesser known attractions. If your children are eight or younger, head to KidsQuest Children’s Museum, an innovative learning centre in Factoria Mall with various play stations where kids learn through activity..

All is not scurrilous. We also learn that the Obamas danced their first night in the residence to Mary J. Two years ago, when GriffCon 40 was first brought up, Peczkowski admits he thought it would be the shop’s “swan song,” a final way to say goodbye. That’s not the case anymore, at least for the time being.

Only takes 150 micrograms to overdose. That the equivalent to two or three grains of salt. 1. The blades are created with your actual windmill design in mind. Tom Ferguson, a Missouri farmer who buys fuel by the tanker trailer load, said high diesel prices have forced him to scale back tilling his soil this year. Even if gasoline drops sharply by next season, petroleum based chemicals and nitrogen based fertilizers remain historically high, meaning Ferguson will be skimping for the foreseeable future..

The place makes you feel <a href=””>cheap jerseys china</a> like you eating dinner in someone living room, and the staff is unfailingly friendly and helpful. Sit at one of the round tables and enjoy bean curd (tofu filled with shrimp paste in a curry gravy), the crunchy vegetarian summer rolls called popiah, or the spicy assam shrimp fact, anything containing seafood here is great.

The laws will impose mandatory minimum sentences on people caught smuggling 50 or more cartons of contraband cigarettes, or 10 kilograms of other tobacco products, into Canada. Second time offenders will receive a minimum of 90 days in jail, people convicted a third time will be sentenced to at least six months in prison and any further conviction will result in a two year sentence..

And while we are on the subject of art, this simple white frame from Target is my go to for any style of art. This frame is the kind I used all around my gallery wall. There are other items which the police department has a set of rather than purchasing one for each individual officer. Police officers check out those items which includes striking tools, tasers and a tool kit.

Braff built a prototype

Braff built a prototype of a flow battery with a small channel between two electrodes. Through the channel, the group pumped liquid bromine over a graphite cathode and hydrobromic acid under a porous anode. “Their common denominator is that they were all stationed at Lojwa at one time or another in their life, and they weren’t all there at the same time,” Morgan said. “They’ve all either died of cancer or are in remission at this moment.

My hands are so covered in butter and greasy, I can’t get the knob down on the toaster. Finally, it’s in. Think comments like this, whether they are or will be backed up by actual action or not, are really at odds with the closeness of the relationships that we have with the people of the Philippines and which we fully intend to continue, Kirby told reporters. Government criticism of his deadly crackdown against illegal drugs, which has left more than 3,600 suspects dead in just three months, alarming Western governments and human rights groups.

The generation before us has equipped us with all the necessary tools for success. Our problem is that our society has lowered its expectations. While a handful <a href=””>wholesale jerseys</a> of stations locally had seen prices drop below $2 a gallon Thursday, the Oil Price Information Service is predicting that by this weekend, 10,000 stations around the country, mostly in the Southeast, will be selling gasoline for less than $2 a gallon. South Carolina’s average already has sunk to $2, lowest in the United States..

I certainly don’t remember Malcolm X writing about his prison nutmeg highs in his autobiography. The younger generation was paying closer attention.. “They promise, but there is no way to make them do it. They will still smoke and do what they want,” he said.

Many Northwest tribes shared the Salish language, yet many had their own distinct dialect. In Moses’ estimation, there are only five or six fluent Spokane Salish speakers left, most of them elderly. We did 46 shows of the Beatles’ album Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, and in January and February we did 12 shows of the Dream Police [Cheap Trick's fourth studio album, from 1979]. We used a full orchestra behind us in a really cool setting and they all sold out.

Once the vehicle

Interlock device coming for convicted drunk dri

COBOURG People awaiting sentencing for drunk driving convictions are now having their sentencing remanded until August.

Justice Robert Graydon is recommending it for defendants eligible for the program, and took a moment to address defence lawyers in court at an Ontario Court of Justice session last week.

“I ask you to look at this legislation and pass it along to your clients. First time offenders should be remanded until after Aug. 3 if they are eligible cheap jerseys and given credit for their pleas of guilty so the details of the program can be made known and they can plead guilty of they wish.”

There are more uses to the interlock, a device to prevent drivers from starting their vehicle if they have been consuming alcohol, than permitting eligible first time offenders the privilege of driving. According to the Ministry of Transportation web site, second time offenders must keep the Interlock on their cars for a minimum of three years. Third time offenders may have to do so indefinitely.

Fourth time offenders are subject to a permanent license suspension, so the condition does not apply.

There are about 13,000 drinking and driving convictions recorded annually in Ontario, about 80% of them first time offenders.

An individual requiring an Interlock device would have to obtain it from the only supplier in Ontario, Guardian Interlock. A call to the company at 1 866 658 6374 would permit one to find the nearest approved installation centre.

And it won’t be cheap. Ministry figures put the estimated cost of installation at $150 and removal costs at $50. However, monitoring should run $105 per month, and insurance another $10. And that’s all before applicable taxes.

Drivers subject to the interlock condition are responsible for all costs associated with the system.

Located near the driver’s seat and connected to the car’s ignition system, the device requires the driver to blow into it. The car will not start if it detects a blood alcohol concentration higher than 20 mg. of alcohol per 100 ml. of blood (80 is the legal intoxication limit).

Once the vehicle is started, the device requires the driver to provide breath samples at random pre set times while the engine is running. If a sample is not provided, or if the blood alcohol concentration exceeds the limit, the device will issue a warning, record the event and activate specific alarm systems (such as flashing lights or a honking horn) until the ignition is turned off.

The device is not removable (it is connected to the engine’s ignition system) and must be used by anyone who drives the vehicle, including family members and friends.

Vehicle owners who knowingly allow a person with an ignition interlock condition to drive their own vehicles may also be convicted under the Highway Traffic Act.

but nothing happened every time i tried

but nothing happened every time i tried

duty / wasteful? >>

sorry if this makes no sense. I am not sober.

so background, I’m helping my mom with something. She’s trying to evict this tenant that hasn’t been paying rent. I guess simply put, I’m acting as a translator for my mom. On the other hand, she is somewhat stressed about it and I’m that person she’s counting on to make it go smooth and easy and ease her worries, so there is an emotional factor in it as well. We’re waiting on the trial date, which we will probably know in approximately two weeks, and then cheap jerseys the trail date will most likely fall very quickly after that. So this means that May 12 is a possible trial date.

c has a work thing at Vegas on May 11. That first night is free, and if he wanted to, he could stay additional nights, but he would have to pay for those. However, the company is taking care of the way there and back as well. If he wanted to stay more nights though, he’d be on his own to figure out the way back. So the plan was that I’d join him separately after work on May 11. We’d stay til Saturday and fly back. We save a little bit of money since we only pay one night. I’d have to pay my airfaire ( I kid you not) and c would have to pay for his way back as well (half of what I pay), so all in all a pretty cheap trip.

(I guess I should’ve told these paragraphs the other way around, but nope I can’t be bother to edit it. In fact when I first came to the decision to write in here, I didn’t think I would need to do any backstory, but somehow I felt like it was necessary, but now as I’ve been sitting here writing this out for a while (very slowly.) I find myself annoyed that I didn’t get into just writing whatever the fuck I wanted to begin with. fuck backstory. Now I almost feel too lazy to write anymore.)

I asked the lawyer, so do you think May 11 is a possible court date. He says yes, it’s possible. In my head, I thought BAM. Nail in the coffin. Open and shut case. Even though it’s only a possibility, if it happened that the trial date is May 11, that means that I wouldn’t be there for my mom. And me, going off playing hooky while she’s stuck dealing with something so serious and clearly needing my help, is just not something that can be justified. So Fuck, so disappointed. Normally I wouldn’t care that much or just reschedule it, but we were going to go at a discount!! And then c suggested that I just buy the tickets anyway and then cancel them or just don’t go. Since it’s possible that it won’t even be May 11, I should take the chance and risk losing cause you know, fuck it. If this was growing up, I know for a fact my mom would never just throw away like this. She would only do “sensible” things. But now, maybe it’s also cause I’m older and can make my own opinions, but I feel like money isn’t the most important things. and the hones truth is that, I can make more than that in a day and I’m sure c could make it under a couple hours.

But Not From Your Aunt Eloise

But Not From Your Aunt Eloise

Make sure to check out the “NC Dating Listings” to the left of the story and other articles to help give you tips on dating and where to get started. Also look at this slideshow to see what you should wear and not wear on a date.

In Steve Harvey’s book, “Act like a Lady, Think like a Man: What Men Really Think about Love, Relationships, Intimacy, and Commitment” you can get dating advice and find out what men are looking for in a soulmate. Or you could just take some advice from an old lady like me. There’s one thing I know for sure and that’s you can’t get married until you have someone to marry. Also, check out theSteve Harvey Showon WXII 12 for more marriage and dating advice. You can also watch his videos to the left to get more advice from him. Watch this video to see what to look out for on dating sites from the Steve Harvey Show.

I get my life’s plans from television and movies where they are mirrored from real life. And now my life is a mirror of a soap opera. But that’s another story! Here are some of my life’s lessons that I’ve learned to follow in the dating world. Most is information from the sources below, but I added my two cents in bold.

The Millionaire Matchmaker: Ceo/Owner Patti Stranger gives good adviceon her show and website. This show is an unscripted series exploring dramas at a matchmaking service for deep pocketed clientele. The show delves into the private life of the service’s proprietress, its persistent staff and the transformations of the demanding customers. Her website will answer your dating questions.

I say before you go looking, get better looking: get a makeover! I know you say, “Oh my hair is fine and so is my makeup.” Guess what? A second opinion is always good. Go to your local spa or even the local JCPenney, Belks and/or Macy’s where they have makeup and can give you tips and bring out those beautiful eyes and luscious lips. Don’t be afraid. Maybe money is tight? If you can’t buy anything now, just let them know you’ll probably be back to pick up what you need at another time.

Don’t know what to wear for your body shape? Watch “What Not To Wear” or check in your local department stores. Again, someone will help you match up clothes, probably better than you thought. Even if you’re just going to the grocery store you could meet a future husband, or vice versa. So don’t wear the pajama bottoms, and guys no warm up pants, with or without the briefs! NO! NO! NO! Don’t go out with clothes you wear at home to clean house or wash the car.

Patti’s Top 10 Commandments of Dating for Women:

1. Travel alone: Women who travel in packs scare off the men. They are too shy to talk to you and won’t cross the women barrier. (Who wants one of their friends trying to pick up the new guy or they may be rude to him and run him away). Wear a beautiful dress or blouse, bring a good book like the DaVinci Code and watch the sports channel. Tell the bartender you’re single and looking, and tip him good he’ll introduce you to everyone.

List of places to go: In big cities or towns drop in around dinner time, or time to get off work: Steak restaurants, cigar bars, wine and beer bars, sporting events, even dance lessons someone may need a dance partner. At sporting events get floor level seats to get close to the rich guys, one girl to maybe six guys. Guys hang out on the weekends cleaning, washing and waxing their cars. Be the damsel in distress and ask if they know how to use the machines or have any change for your money. I’m sure someone is your age in a bible study. Go watch the chorus sing at other church functions at night or movie nights/single nights out for some churches. They put this in the local newspapers! If you want someone religious then go for him but you’ve got to find him first! Who better to introduce you than the preacher, priest, etc?2. Give the 5 second flirt we look and hold for 5 then look away if he is interested he’ll come talk to you. Entice him to talk first. Flirt with your eyes, hair, and/or lips. Then talk after he talks. Do you want him if he’s shy and doesn’t talk? You probably won’t want him. IE: “He’s Just Not That Into You” another movie.3. Don’t waste a guy’s time. If you’re not interested don’t date! Tell them you don’t feel the chemistry and you don’t want to waste their time.4. Dress appropriately dinner at the country club is not in ripped jeans! Ask where you’re going.5. Be on time.6. Be nice Give him all the thank you’s before the date is over and you forget. (IE: The food is great, the restaurant is good, or the concert is great). Men like this.7. You are going to be a mystery to him. Don’t talk about crazy family things or people. (IE: Don’t tell him about Uncle Billy Bob in state prison). Don’t bring up ex boyfriends or husbands. Talk about things that interest you like what you always wanted to do, classes you want to take (dance etc.) maybe he’ll want to go to, or places you want to visit Rome etc. These guys are looking for a wife and mother of his children not just another date.8. Don’t ask him out. He needs to lead. Let him call you, ask you out, pick the table, movie, etc. Even if you are independent, you have to let go during these times.9. Only give one phone number, house or cell, but not both. You are not too easy for him to contact. He has to work for the next date.10. I also let the man talk and be heard. Listen to him so you can respond. Don’t be selfish like most women and just talk about yourself. You’ll find out what he’s interested in. Also, don’t ask questions you don’t want answered. (Ex.: Don’t ask if that dress makes your butt look too big. You don’t want to put him in a bad situation.

1. Places to go meet women: You can go to the bars and clubs (but most have five guys to one woman), local YWCA, gyms and exercise classes. Metaphysical classes like Pilates, yoga and meditation usually have five women to one guy. Get a manie pedi you might not want to, but you’ll be the only man there with a full house of women on Saturday and Sunday’s. Go shopping men!!! You have to think, if I’m a woman where do I go?C. Go to church You say, “well mine doesn’t have anyone my age.” Start visiting other churches. I’m sure someone is your age in a bible study. Go watch the chorus sing at other church functions at night or movie nights/single nights out for some churches. They put this in the local newspapers!!!! If you want someone religious then go for her, but you’ve got to find her!!! Who better to introduce you than the preacher, priests, etc?2. Forget corny pickup lines it’s old and can make you look stupid. Say your name and ask if she’d like a drink. Or wherever you are how can you be of assistance? Be yourself and attentative to her it’s all about her and not you.3. Chivalry is not dead! Be very nice and a gentleman.4. Rules to scheduling the date. After getting a phone number, don’t call after 10pm. Make sure you have scheduled the date with enough time for her to get ready. (IE: Don’t invite her to an 8pm concert but pick her up at 5:30pm for dinner after her work just finished at 5pm. There is no way she can look that good for you in 30 minutes. You also want her to be relaxed and not crazy!)5. Check in if you aren’t going to see her within the week text or e mail is fine but make sure everything is still set for the weekend date.6. Complement her to break the ice. Does she have food allergies? (You don’t want to make her sick.) Let her talk and be heard. Listen to her so you can respond. Don’t be selfish and just talk about yourself. You’ll find out what she’s interested in. That helps get you more dates and you’ll know what to do on those dates!!!7. Take her somewhere exciting and interesting to her ask movies, theatre, or a concert include dining out. Drinks or coffee are cheap, or look like you’re going to audition her.8. Share dessert it’s exciting you can feed cheap jerseys her a spoonful without over stepping boundaries.9. Ask her out again before you part ways! Saying you’ll call is old. Let them know you’re interested and set up a specific date and time. Make sure to e mail or call later in the week. Say that you’d like to see them that week.10. Friday dinner then Sunday brunch is fine. No last minute door mat invitations. Monday isn’t good either because then you’re showing her maybe you have someone better to see on the weekend. If you want to try online dating then check out these top matchmakers but be careful and follow the internet rules.

Check into Speed Dating. Most cities have advertisements in the papers when they are going to have an event. Couldn’t hurt and you may be surprised.

So there is my advice and I hope you find that perfect one that can be your soulmate. Don’t be scared just get out there. Like Julia Roberts said in “Steel Magnolias”, “I’d rather have a few moments of something than a lifetime of nothing special.”

Yes, I watch entirely too many movies and television but I am enjoying life to the fullest. If I’d sat on my couch at home, instead of deciding on a Wednesday to go see a concert that Friday, I would never have had as much fun as I am now. I’m enjoying the company of only one of those wonderful men now. I decided with a leap of faith to go from North Carolina to San Jose, California with Celine’s words, “Taking Chances” in my head.